Youth Council

Hawthorne Valley Youth Council, previously known as Oakwood Youth Council, serves the Village of Oakwood, Walton Hills, Bedford and Bedford Heights – All the communities within the Bedford School District.

Join HVYC January 16, 2019 for an informative multi-media presentation on the Opioid Crisis, how it affects families, what is being done to help those addicted and hear the amazing story of one woman, Nicole Walmsley, as she found freedom from Opioids! Click here to view the Press Release. Click here to view the informative flyer.

Sherrod Brown to Students 2013  and Thomas Patton to Students 2013

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HVYC Student Application

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HVYC is in its ninth year with 14 students!  Some students are working on bills that could change state law, while others are working on legal briefs. The youth council is also actively involved in the community through volunteerism!  

Another part of the HVYC program is “Step-It-Up” Youth stepping up, giving back in which students earn community service hours by participating in volunteer opportunities.

The Hawthorne Valley Youth Council (HVYC) and Administration is partnering with the  Youth in Government organization. The  targeted group of individuals is junior and senior high school students who live in the Bedford School District(Ages 12-17).

The purpose of this organization is to offer students experience in civic leadership through hands on experience. As part of that experience, these students will be involved in local volunteer projects and actively learn the role and process of the legislative, executive and judicial branches of state government along with citizenship. Students will have the opportunity to participate as Youth Legislators, Supreme Court Justices and Lobbyists at the spring event held at the State Capitol in Columbus, Ohio. Youth will also gain community service volunteer hours toward graduation.

We are excited about this opportunity for our youth to gain leadership skills that will be invaluable in preparing them to become successful future leaders.

HVYC meets the second and fourth Mondays of each month at 6:30 pm in Oakwood Village Hall Council Chambers. You are welcome to check us out!  Following school calendar. If you have any questions about HVYC, please contact Debra Hladky, Clerk of Council, at 440-201-1020.

With its expansion to the other communities within the Bedford School District, our hope is to attract more students to this exciting program! Contact us for more information or simply attend one of our meetings to see HVYC in action!

HVYC has adopted the First Lady’s Let’s Move Initiative by organizing the Wii Michael Jackson
Tournament where many youth participated in the fun filled event. Click to watch the YouTube Video!