Boards & Commissions

Civil Service Commission

The Civil Service Commission consists of three Oakwood residents appointed by the Mayor with the confirmation of Council for a term of six years.

In all matters dealing with the Civil Service of the Municipality, the Civil Service Commission provides by rule for the ascertainment of merit and fitness, as far as practicable, as a basis for appointment and promotion for those Village employees who are in the classified service of the Village, as required by the Constitution of the State of Ohio, for conducting examinations and maintaining eligible lists for the appointing authority, for the classification of offices and positions, for maintenance of a complete roster of all persons in the classified services, which shall be public, for hearing appeals to it, for making an annual report to the Mayor and Council, for grading applicants, for a test of manual skills where required, for reasonable credit for seniority in a promotional examination, for the basis and method for determination of eligibility, certification, appointment and promotion of candidate for positions in the classified services, for the conduct of the affairs of the Commission; and for appeals in case of transfer, reduction, suspension or removal. The action of the Commission on any appeal shall be final except as otherwise provided by the general laws of Ohio. (Oakwood Charter – Section 10.06)

For further information about the functions and jurisdiction of the Civil Service Commission, see Charter – Section 10.06 or call the Oakwood Law Department at 440-232-9988.

Oakwood Scholarship Awards Committee

Contact person Yvonne Warren, Chairperson 440-232-0775
Email Yvonne Warren at

The Scholarship Awards Committee consists of five members appointed by the Mayor for a term of one year. The Scholarship Awards program was established in 1998 and each year awards up to sixteen (16) $500.00 scholarship awards. Twelve (12) awards are made available to qualified graduating seniors of Bedford High School who reside within the Village and four (4) are available to qualified graduating seniors of Bedford High School who reside in other communities. Funds for this program are provided pursuant to an income tax revenue sharing agreement between the Village of Oakwood and the Bedford School District from tax revenues generated by specific commercial development projects within the Village. This program is to continue so long as the School District is to receive funds pursuant to this agreement.

For further information concerning this program see ordinance 2002-61 or call Yvonne Warren – Chairperson at 440-232-0775.

Records Commission

Established June 1991 with the passage of Ordinance 1991-55

The commission is made up of the Mayor (Chairperson), President of Council, Director of Law, Director of Finance and Clerk of Council and serves the community by developing a document retention schedule consistent with State Law for the preservation and disposal of various documents related to the Village’s operations.

For further information concerning this program see ordinance 1991-55 or call Debra Hladky – Clerk of Council at 440-232-6776 ext. 125.