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PETTIBONE ROAD PROJECT must be completed by the contractor before November 30, per the contract documents. It will likely be sooner, weather permitting, since the paving opportunities are always tenuous this time of year. The project is a simple “mill and fill” operation between Broadway and Richmond. Aside from the periods when we are removing the existing asphalt surface and subsequently repaving, much of the work will be off of the roadway on the drive aprons. This will minimize delays. The contractor is required to open all Pettibone lanes to traffic before 4:00pm each work day to accommodate the evening peak flow which is primarily westbound. This will reduce the potential for impacting the continuous flow of traffic through the Pettibone-Richmond roundabout and, in particular, westbound Pettibone traffic in Glenwillow. Oakwood law enforcement officers with squad cars will assist the contractor as required throughout the duration of the project. Traffic flow will be closely monitored by the Oakwood Police Department and our construction inspectors accordingly. As with any construction project of this nature, some degree of traffic disruption is unavoidable, especially at the eastern and western termini of the project where the vehicle stacking area is minimized at the intersecting roadway. Our standing goal is to minimize the number of such disruptions as well as their duration and intensity. Chagrin Valley Engineering
STREET REPAIRS on several streets are tentatively scheduled for Thursday, October 27, 2016. Pavement repair details: Forbes (between I-271 and Richmond), Richmond (between Hawthorne East and Broadway), Broadway (between Pettibone and Richmond), Robertdale, and Tryon. The repairs are scattered throughout. The contractor will be responsible for maintenance of traffic and will be using flaggers to maintain orderly traffic flow. Because the repair areas are relatively small and scattered throughout the Village, it is not possible to give the exact times and locations of the repairs. Chagrin Valley Engineering